the importance of song mastering

When we do music, music artists will begin to color the basis of the music and describe it in tone. How to adjust the tempo, sequence of drums, guitar, bass, and vocals. Is the basis of the mastering and mixing process.

Mastering music is the final process of music, in the sense of polishing the music to sound good and quality. As for mixing music Mixing is a way to bring together some audio so that it can be heard well and is pleasant to hear.

The importance of Mixing and Mastering for songs

When you finish recording a song and edit it, maybe in your mind it’s good enough to publish it, because you’re good enough when playing music and recording it. But when you compare it to commercial CDs, then you will realize something is wrong:

  1. The volume of the song is not loud enough
  2. Less clear and tend to be noisy
  3. Sound or stereo widening is not good
  4. Don’t have good music compression
  5. Instrument sound is less detailed
  6. Etc

Lots of tutorials on mixing and mastering that have been circulating on the internet or from existing books. And maybe you will think it is a trick to do, and even requires high capital. Now comes the song mastering service that will facilitate you in mixing and mastering your song, so it looks quality.

Usually, a beginner thinks that, if you want the volume to be loud, it will increase the frequency as much as possible, but it does not work that easily, thus getting poor audio results. So learn and leave it to the experts, to reap bigger profits.

Stages of music to be like the favorite music that we hear.

  1. Direct recording, Is a recording without editing sound, in the sense of live broadcast.
  2. Recording Studio, in this process, is recorded one by one from the personnel with the instruments they play.
  3. Editing and Mixing, after recording so it’s time for editing and mixing to unite the existing tracks into a music that is harmonious and pleasant to hear,
  4. Mastering, as we discussed above, mastering music is the process of polishing music into something that is truly quality and worthy of distribution.

Thus a long and complicated process, until now we can enjoy each other’s favorite music.