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How to Choose an Economic Damages Expert Witness for Your Case

Here are some of the most important things that you need to remember if you are looking for the right economic damages expert witness for your case.

First, make sure that you start your search as soon as possible. Even before your case is filed in court, you should already have a well-designed strategy in mind as well as a list of witnesses and experts that can help bolster the strength of your case. Remember that your search shouldn’t happen while the case is already in the docket, especially because searching and vetting the right one takes time and resources. Furthermore, the expert witness you choose also needs to get prepped about the case, which will take even more time. Starting as early as possible means that you won’t get forced to just settle on the choices that are readily available, but won’t typically be your top choice.

Second, be certain that you look into the qualification and experience of the expert witness. They should have impeccable credentials, especially when it comes to determining and assessing economic damages. More importantly, they should also have enough experience in testifying at depositions or in court for cases that are similar to yours. As much as possible, avoid an expert witness that has a reputation for always testifying for a plaintiff or for the defense since this isn’t really a positive point for the judge or the jurors.

?Third, ensure that the expert witness is able to communicate his thoughts clearly and concisely. In discussing the case, he should be able to explain complicated and technical details in such a way that the average person can easily understand. They should be able to talk about their ideas and thoughts directly and clearly. They must also be able to logically explain why their position or stand is correct, and why the arguments of the other party are not. More importantly, they need to be well-versed in the standards required by the court for expert testimonies and witnesses.

Fourth, choose the expert witness that is professional and confident. In order to do this, you’ll have to meet them in person and check their demeanor yourself. The expert witness that you choose should be someone who inspires confidence, but doesn’t seem arrogant or unlikable. They should be enthusiastic about their field, without being too pushy. Furthermore, the expert witness should be able to present himself in such a way that inspires people to put their trust in him. They should be well-dressed, well-groomed, and self-confident.

Finally, as previously mentioned, pick the expert witness lost wages earnings Riverside that has relevant experience in testifying in depositions or at court. Having previous experience as an expert witness means that they are reliable and that they already know how to present themselves properly. It is also a good indicator of their communication skills. At the same time, don’t rule out first-timers just yet. Some of them may be considered as more credible in court than someone who is a professional expert witness.

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