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The Process Followed In Seeking For A Successor To The Attorney Generals

An office holder in the united states must observe the set guidelines for one to continue service in the office without failing to observe any of them. The office holder must observe various ethical and legal issues to be observed for the period they serve in a particular office. The attorney general happened to fall into such a trap after accusations emerged that he has been involved in cases of sexual assault considered as a break t the required ethical standards of a public o officer. The office in this respect must get a new holder and in such way there is a set process to be followed in seeking for a suitable replacement. This move follows the need for the state to have the office of the attorney general functional at all times.

Immediate appointment to the office comes through instant appointment where the select candidate gets to the office in an acting capacity. The candidate is sworn to the office by the chief judge immediately after the appointment to take over its operations. The period of service for the appointee dependents on the period, it takes the legislature to appoint an interim attorney general. Through the process of appointment by the legislature, the prospective candidates apply for the open position based on set qualifications for the job.

A process of selection is undertaken once the set time of application closes to select the candidates to be interviewed. During the process of selecting he candidates considerations are made such as picking the candidates who meet the set qualifications for the job. Dates are set for the candidates to appear before the select committee which comprise of bicameral and bipartisan members. An intensive session to grill the candidates take place on the set dates and this seeks to get the best from the select applicants for the position. The grilling in this respect features on the personal life of the candidate as well as professional experience they hold.

During the process of the interviews, the candidates get the best opportunity to prove f their qualifications to the committee. This includes offering the underlying agendas they wish to accomplish if offered the opportunity to serve. Both men and women get a chance to take part in the interviews and get consideration equally. However, there is no special preference given to candidates of either sex. The position therefore falls on the best and most qualified candidate.

Election of the attorney general is done by voters. This follows the voting calendar by the state. The interim office holder therefore serves until the time of voting. It therefore means that the successful candidate in this regard has no permanent rights to the office but only serves for a set period.
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