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Different Popular Beaches in Boston

Boston beaches are considered to be one of the most synonymous. The offbeat shores and its sandy beaches actually encompass the place and that it’s no surprise that those who have visited Boston ends up falling in love with its beaches. Because Boston is predominantly surrounded with water, it is actually no wonder that this is now becoming more popular with tourists. You can in fact find hidden wonderful beaches and you surely will get the best experience of sunbathing.

Spectacle Island

The Spectacle Island is in fact considered as a popular beach option which can be found on Harbour Island that have white sandy beaches on the area. This actually is located offshore from Boston proper and will only take about 20 minutes on travel time through ferry downtown. This is also open from May until the Columbus Day and lifeguards are present which would help ensure everyone’s safety. Another thing is that the island is a central location for people visiting nearby attractions in the city.

The Plum Island

Plumb island is only located around Boston, which actually is just an hour drive from the main city. This actually is located in Newburyport and is considered to be one of the best beaches that could be found in Boston and usually the one that’s suggested by locals. It is also known mostly for its isolated and natural outlook, which usually is the reason why it stands out from others. The sand that it is just like a white powdery texture which actually is something of which you would not experience every day. Visiting Plum island is considered the best way to go for would be to go for a rent-a-vacation rental.

Carson Beach

When you are going to visit the south part of Boston, you should travel along the red lines to Carson beach, which is considered to be an enticing beach. The beach in fact have undergone an extensive renovation and this is actually a popular destination during the summer seasons.

Saving Hill Beach

If you want to visit the most popular beach around in Boston, the Savin Hill beach would be the best answer. This one is located around the red line and if you ever want to avoid parking fees and any extra charges, you should go there through public transport. This does not just have traditional beaches because there are also playgrounds and baseball fields for added quality time. When you are familiar with the Malibu beach, it is actually the same place.

There are different popular beaches that you could find throughout the city of Boston. When you wish to experience the best beach vacation, Boston beaches would be the best way to opt for.

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