4 Dermaplaning Tips for Supple, Smooth Skin

4 Dermaplaning Tips for Supple, Smooth Skin

A good exfoliation routine is critical if you want to enjoy a glowing complexion. While scrubs and chemical exfoliants are great options, dermaplaning Long Island NY can slough away dead skin cells while removing unwanted peach fuzz in the process. It’s a relatively simple technique and it’s easy to add to your skincare routine. Follow these helpful tips for great results and gorgeously smooth skin.

Start With the Right Tool

There are many options out there for dermaplaning, but a traditional razor is not the way to go. Search for a product with a single blade that’s specifically designed for use on your face and neck to avoid cuts and enjoy a deeper exfoliation.

Prep Your Skin With a Gentle Cleanse

To avoid irritation and spreading bacteria, make sure your face is clean and prepped. Remove all makeup, then wash your face with a gentle, moisturizing cleanser. Avoid face washes or scrubs that are harsh or drying for this treatment. Allow your skin to dry thoroughly before you start exfoliating.

Use Proper Dermaplaning Techniques

In general, you’ll want to use short gentle strokes and move in the direction of hair growth as you maneuver the dermaplaning tool across your face. This helps prevent ingrown hairs while protecting against even the tiniest cuts in your skin. Be careful around your hairline and eyebrows; you may want to use a guard in these areas to avoid an unsightly mistake. Avoid pimples, since dermaplaning over broken skin can cause bleeding and irritation while spreading bacteria.

Follow Up With the Right Products

Once your exfoliation is complete, finish with a toner and a luscious moisturizer to replenish and rehydrate your skin. This is a great time to use your best serums or even a moisturizing mask since your skin can better absorb the ingredients right after an exfoliation treatment.

Whether you schedule an appointment with your esthetician or try it at home yourself, dermaplaning is a great way to revitalize your skin for a healthy glow. Try it once a month for best results.